Wellfleet Candy and Dorothy

Photo: Jim Dalglish



Drama Desk Award Nomination: Best Actor / GLAAD Winner: Best Play / Theater 3 (NYC), 2006 / Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater – Cape Cod, 2006

Full length, approx. 85 minutes running time

Cast: 3m, 2f

This comic fantasy finds Catholic activist Dorothy Day trapped in the afterlife with Warhol superstar Candy Darling.  At the same time, a young librarian on the Lower East Side of Manhattan finds her life coming undone with booze, pills, and despair.    The Lower East Side of New York City provides a backdrop to this comic tale of opposites attracting, repelling and finding common ground.

The playwright David Johnston, whose untamed imagination is responsible for last season’s cockeyed satire “Busted Jesus Comix” and the new, shamelessly high-concept fantasy “Candy and Dorothy,” may prefer sharp, catty dialogue about death and sex and the kind of bizarre, off-kilter characters a writing teacher (or small-minded producer) might shake her head at. But his greatest asset, believe it or not, could be a sentimental streak that emerges in small, unexpected ways.

— Jason Zinoman, The New York Times

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The story is beautiful, hilarious, and (perhaps unexpectedly) profound. . . . Candy & Dorothy is a very intelligent play, and it’s also a delightfully entertaining one: it’s the kind of rich, rewarding, memorable theatre experience that comes along only a few times every season.

— Martin Denton, nytheatre.com

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