Mothra is Waiting, by David Johnston

Photo: Kyle Ancowitz

Mothra is Waiting

Running time: 15 minutes

Cast: 1m, 2f

Two Showgirls. One giant moth. A comedy of redemption and sequins.

I wrote the short play . . . after seeing a revival of “Mothra” at Film Forum. I found the movie very beautiful and oddly moving and it made me cry.  Which I discovered is not considered an “appropriate” response to a monster movie at Film Forum.

I just wondered whatever happened to the two little Japanese women in the film, who do all the cheesy musical numbers so I wrote the play. Rather quickly too, it just popped out.  It won an award . . . To some people, it’s . . . about holding on to dreams. Other people think it’s about growing up.  Some just love monster movies so they think the play is neat.

— David Johnston, interview

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MOTHRA IS WAITING has been made into an award-winning short film called MONSURA IS WAITING. Find out more here.